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NIC Cage Shelf Covering

NIC Shelf

The above pic shows the details of how I cover my rabbits shelves.
You will need the following                                                           
  1. untreated pine 1 x 2's
  2. drill                            
  3. 3/8th drill bit or  close
  4. heavy long zip ties  

You will need one 1x2 per hole in grids. They will need to be cut to
length of shelves plus 3 inches. The next step is to drill holes through
the width of the board. Start drilling in center of 1inch side, going
through the 2 inch width. Drill all boards, both ends, the same way.
Next place all boards on shelf with 1 1/2 inches sticking out of ends
through holes of grids. Thread zip ties through one to the next. If ties
are not long enough attach a new one to the end of one being
threaded through, pulling tight against previous board, and continue
threading. Repeat on other end. When threaded at both ends, connect
another zip tie to end of other and bring across tops of 1x2's zipping
into the original beginning zip tie. Don't pull tight yet! Do the same to
other side, and then start pulling each end alternately tight. Clip ends.