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The Stoopid Kids have been at my house for 10 days now!

They are growing fast and eating all my food!

Now please don't confuse what I am about to say on this page, I

still don't like these stoopid kids, but maybe they are starting to

grow on me a bit. Ya know, like a fungus or something! hehe!

First I smell em!

They are a bit stinky cause they are so stoopid

that they sleep in their potty instead of the nesting box MY mom

made them!

They must like the smell of their "stuff" gross!

Mom says I must like them some cause I lie down next to their cage.

Who? MOI? Not Even!!!!!

Hey Mom, nose nose What ya doin? (camera nosin is fun)

See I am toughbun here me roar! Mom is having to hold me

back so I won't eat the Yuckie kitty who is a salad stealer!

Got him! hehehe!

Now look at that I was busy gettin' the kitty and the stoopid

are havin' a meetin!

Hmmmm. . . . . . wonder what they are up to?

I don't care, really! I am just gonna sit here so pretty!

Oh now wait a minute I think I smell one hidin' in here!

Nope there they are! Tryin' to sniff me out!


Kissin' them? What? No way I am tasting them!

Now don't go spreading no rumors bout me likin' them or

nothin' cause I got myself a toughbun reputation to uphold!

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