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Sprowty Bun


My name is Sprowt. I was born on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2000.   My human slaves love me terribly! They have built me a wonderful bunny condo with dragon grass mats on every level. Here is a picture of me in it!

My mom worked really hard making it, but made a few mistakes hehe! She forgot to put the shelves inside it before putting it all together, so my big sister, Samantha got inside it and helped out. Here is a picture of me and my big sister Samantha. I am the cute one begging for shredded wheat cereal J YUMMY! I wish they would let me have cereal and candy and…

I also share my house with some C-A-T-S ! I don’t like them much but they mind fairly well! I snort, grumble, growl, snarl, or run after them and they all do what I say…Run! I am telling this C-A-T named Elvis a*k*a Pig to get off of my couch Pronto!

Here is a picture of Vinny Bobareno a*k*a Yucky Kitty sleeping with a few of my pooty presents I left him while he was napping :::grin::::

He is cute but he is a bit hard to train! Just look at that face doesn’t he look untrainable?

Last but not least the big honcho baby butt named Flinch a*k*a Chubba. He is 22lbs of fluff who is only here in this house so that I can lay in his fluffy tail when he is fanning it and chase it back and forth!

Now my mom and dad have really went and made me mad! Click the running rabbit below, to see the stoopid little babies they just had to rescue! HMMPH! I don’t like them one single bit nope nope nope!