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The Stoopid Kids!


These buns need to find good homes, cuz I am enough bun for everybunny! My mom and dad keep saying they are going to keep one or more to bond me with. I don’t know why they would wanna do that. They say it will keep me from being so bored but I am not bored! Not at all I find plenty of things to do! Like terrorizing these stoopid kids! Well here are some pics of them please please say you wanna adopt a bun or 6! Hehe! Mom says she is gonna get them all spayed and/or neutered, whatever that is!

first day at our house

see they are little demons! Their eyes glow red!

Here is the leader of the bunch! He thumps too much! Mom named him Bean! Says it is a cute name specially if’n she bonds Bean to me cause then we would be Bean and Sprowt. See stoopid huh?

They are leaving pooty presents on my nice clean floor ARGH! Mom says to give ‘em a break cause it is after all their first day here!


That yuckie brown whatever colored one in the basket is the one Mom calls Acorn, and the other one that is it’s twin she calls Little Big Foot! Boy isn’t that appropriate!

They are too stoopid to even hop outta the basket geesh! These kids got lots to learn!

Anyways back to the point here click below on the email thingamabobmajig and tell my mom you want these stoopid kids PLEASE!

Then after you do that click the running rabbit and look at more pics of me J

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