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Acorn, Lick, Biter, and Big Foot

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Beginning to wedge their way in
Biter, Acorn, and Lick
Licky is wedged in with Biter and Acorn
Biter and Acorn are snuggled in tight, lick is trying
Big Foot is wanting to wedge in too
Big Foot thinks about joining in the wedging game
Lick is gonna groom Acorn while wedged in
Lick is doing what lick does best...licking
Big Foot not wedging but grooming instead
Big Foot decides to follow Licks example
Four happy bunnies

Big Foot is not wedged but content

Acorn has been wedged out
Acorn was squeezed out by Lick

Acorn is now snuggled in with Big Foot
Acorn and Big Foot twins
Lick and Biter twins

Acorn wedged herself back in with Lick and Biter!
Acorn wedged herself back in with Lick and Biter