Cages that are easy to build and inexpensive!

Can't afford those EXPENSIVE petstore cages and find them too small anyway? Then this is a great idea for you. I learned of these cages from a website by Lynn Skerlec bunny mom of Blackie (link on next page).

Below are 3 different pics of the same cage. I used the Great Cubes panels(available at Sams Wholesale Club, Big Lots, etc.. Also called Neat Idea Cubes, available at Office Max, Costco, etc.)to construct these cages, secured with zip ties. The panels are then secured to a wooden base with zip ties, and casters on the bottom of the wood for easier mobility. I would suggest covering the wood with linoleum, plexiglass, or such before attaching the grid panels. I cover my shelves with cardboard and then on top of that I have grass mats which I attach to the cage with zip ties.Under each shelf for added stability I placed untreated pine 1x2's the length of the shelves. You can see the ends sticking out in the pics below. The openings on the cage are held securely shut with binder clips. I have an opening on the top and the bottom of this cage.

If you would like instructions on how to build these cages visit the links on the next page. They are great and very informative.

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